Kind Words...

"Helena has changed my life completely. She has helped me finding my true self when I was lost and unable to find a way out. Helena is amazing in providing insightful feedback with spot-on intuition. She’s also a very loving and caring person. With her help, I was able to turn my life around into a positive perspective. I’ve never felt so happy in my life. I am very grateful for her and introducing me to EFT and other self-help tools which I continue to use for my personal growth on day to day basis. Thank you Helena!"

Maria , Miami Beach, FL 2012

"Dear Helena, I want to express my thanks for your help and guidance. First I wasn't sure what Emotional Freedom Technique was and I even had some doubts about how it could be helpful to me. But when I contacted you and talked with you I knew that's something I needed. And looking back now I know that EFT and your help was and is still playing important part on my journey to improving and enjoying my life. Your detailed explanation and guidance helped me to see clearly areas of my life and myself which required my attention and point me to the right direction towards change. Thank you again for your help. I am looking forward to continue working with you."

Lia May, Miami Beach, FL 2011

"I would like to thank Helena for her awesome SRT services a few months ago. She was able to tell me things about myself that I never told her. She also opened my eyes and made me realize things about my relationships that I didn’t see all the years. Helena helped me tremendously to get back on track with my life and reaching my goals. She’s been very helpful and I would definitely go back to her for SRT."

Tania Jones, Boston, MA 2011

"It is only natural that we all find ourselves at cross roads and wondering which pass we will choose. Thank you Helenka for helping me make the right choices."

Lubos. Petrik, Boston, MA 2011

"I am so grateful that Helena came across my life. The biggest lesson I've learned from the clearing process through SRT is that we have the power to make a meaningful change in our lives. It is possible to do this without SRT but SRT makes it so much easier. It helps identify the areas of your life, and of your internal thought patterns, that are preventing you from achieving your full potential. For me, SRT identified quite a few things that I didn't even know where stopping me!! So, although I was trying to improve on my own, I was focusing on the wrong things. A lot of the times I find I was focusing on a symptom of the issue, instead of the real issue. A good example is motivation to exercise. I asked Helena to help me clear my current blocks around exercise and she was able to find that there were fears of failure and too many tried and dropped attempts in my past were keeping me from trying again. I thought it was pure laziness but in reality it was much deeper than that. Helena also did a clearing for me as I was approaching a very important job interview. It was a panel interview with multiple interviewers. Without any prior knowledge of the situation at hand, Helena was able to identify internal dynamics within the panel and give me pointers prior to the interview which I was able to focus on during the interview. I owe SRT a lot of credit for my success in this area. In addition, Helena goes the extra mile to explain the concepts and results of the clearing in a way you can easily understand. She even gave me some helpful exercises to address my growth areas. I highly recommend this service in general and Helena in particular."

Anonymous, Miami Beach, FL 2012.

"Helena is talented and highly educated professional with high sensitivity to person's feeling who is always willing to listen and help the best way she can. I have grown and developed personally as a result of her various techniques including EFT, Reiki and SRT. She helped me tremendously!“